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Matt Raible-3
On 7/7/05, David Thompson <[hidden email]> wrote:

> Gentlemen, Ladies, and Programmers <g>,
>  I was recently interested by David Geary's committing of the Standalone
> Tiles. And even now he has committed it into the Shale project.
>  I am currently wanting to use JSF. Why? Because I am a glutten for
> punishment. We have a standard look and feel we want to incorporate and
> naturally a decorating interface would be more efficient for development.
>  Tiles initially looked great and the concept was nice. Being a subproject
> with Struts was also a benefit. But the 10 minute test (even within a struts
> project) failed miserably and finding documentation concerning
> implementation was confusing at best. Not to mention that there were two
> versions of the setup depending on the version of Tiles being used. AND it
> was a completely xml implementation.
>  Sitemesh on the other hand.....When I read the documentation it immediately
> made sense to me. And you can embed it right into the page layout just like
> Server Includes.
>  What has been your experiences with JSF?

Should this question be related to Tiles and/or SiteMesh?  The rest of
your message is related to those two technologies, and then you throw
JSF in there out of the blue. ;-)  Is it possible for you to rephrase
the question?  Here's a few posts I wrote last year on SiteMesh vs.





>  Thank you,
>  Dave

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